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Total digestive tract buffer

What is RiteTrac?

RiteTrac is a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to support total digestive tract health. Targeted to benefit both the foregut and hindgut of the horse, RiteTrac works in two distinct ways. First, with its combination of fast-acting antacids and coating agents, RiteTrac quickly neutralizes excess gastric acid, protecting the stomach lining and restoring the normal gastric environment. Second, RiteTrac contains EquiShure®, a time-released hindgut buffer designed to act within the cecum and colon by maintaining optimal pH, thereby reducing the risk of hindgut acidosis.

Why should I use RiteTrac for my horse?

  • Includes an antacid blend proven effective at elevating gastric pH in horses
  • Coating agents provide ongoing protection of the gastric mucosa
  • Contains EquiShure, a time-released buffer to neutralize excessive acid in the hindgut
  • Provides rapid relief from the discomfort associated with gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy digestive environment for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Cost-effective means of reducing the risk of gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis
  • Combats the increased risk of hindgut acidosis in horses on high-grain diets, grazing lush pasture, or prone to laminitis
  • Often results in improvement of symptoms in horses experiencing
    • loose manure
    • weight loss
    • lack of appetite
    • frequent mild colic
    • stereotypical behaviors
  • Recommended for prophylactic use during training, showing, transport, weaning, or other stressful events
  • Recommended as digestive tract support for horses on chronic NSAID therapy, as well as those recovering from illness or colic surgery

How do I use RiteTrac?

Administer 120 g per 500-kg (1100-lb) horse. May be given orally or added to horse’s daily grain ration. For best results, divide between grain meals. In racehorses, we recommend stopping this product 24 hours prior to racing.

How often should you reorder?
Product size Number of horses Reorder every
3 kg 1 3 weeks
6 kg 1 7 weeks
2 3 weeks
18 kg 2 10 weeks
3 7 weeks
4 5 weeks
5 4 weeks

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