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    "Oxidation is a normal metabolic process that allows horses to transform the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins they devour in meals to energy—energy to grow, perform, and reproduce. One unfortunate, although completely unavoidable, spin-off of oxidation is the creation of free radicals, compounds that have the potential to irreparably damage cells. If left unchecked, the oxidation that occurs at the cellular level in horses and other mammals can cause muscular fatigue severe enough to compromise performance. Antioxidants are important to counteract the damaging effects of oxidation and protects from free radicals.

    In instances of strenuous exercise, natural stores of antioxidants have difficulty providing sufficient protection against the cascade of free radicals generated from aerobic metabolism, making it necessary to supplement antioxidants.

    Antioxidants are compounds that help the horse battle cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. Common antioxidants include: vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium. Antioxidants are commonly used for support of muscle health, speeding recovery after exercise, support of immune function, and as adjunct therapy for horses with neurological challenges." - Kentucky Equine Research 

    8 products
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    Durwell Cool + Zen: Calming Blend for Horses
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    Focus + Zen RH+ Calming Chews for Horses
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    Durwell Focus + Zen LT+ Calming Chews for Horses
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    Durwell Joints + Mobility: Mineral Blend for Joint Health
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    Durwell Curc + Care: Anti-inflammatory Support for Horses
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    Durwell Cuts + Gashes: Soothing Cream with Essential Oils
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    Durwell Mini Calming Pack
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