Werkman Hoofcare

This Is Werkman Hoofcare.

Smarter Skills, Better Horses.

Werkman Hoofcare understands and meets the contemporary high expectations of farriers. The product line consists of quality products finished in detail, which you, the farrier, will elevate the vitality of the hoof to a higher level in order to enhance the performance of the horse.

Skilled Focused On Improving Farriery

The focus is still on the customers and on product quality, yet, so much has changed. Nowadays and in response to the contemporary quality requirements imposed on horseshoes, there are continuously innovative developments. Werkman Hoofcare is, more than ever, focusing on improving farriery. Werkman horseshoes are continuously being refined, improved, and adapted to contemporary market requirements. In this manner, Werkman can continue to supply customers with high-quality horseshoes.

Strong As Steel, Rich In Tradition.

Werkman Hoofcare established in Groningen, was formed in 1909. The founders, the brothers Hero and Berend Werkman, both farriers themselves, strived to provide their customers with excellent service in addition to top-quality horseshoes. In the past century, Werkman Hoofcare has exported many different models to countries all over the world. Today, the fourth Werkman generation has the reins of the company; Christel Werkman and her brother Reian Werkman.

Werkman Ortho-Kit Modification by Mitch Taylor